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let's do final trades. stephanie link a you're up first. >> i like cisco. more predictable revenues. >> john p. >> automatic data processing, adp. >> simon baker. >> a short term trade, verifone. i think completely oversold. recently bought shares. >> josh brown? >> i don't think google is done going off. if you're nervous buzz it is 800 bucks, you can trail the stop loss. not the end of the world. >> stocks are negative. at left a couple major averages, negative for the month of february. worst pull back day of the year. tweet me. "power lunch" is up now.
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>> the second half of the trading day starts right now. >> we are going to pick up right where scott left off, on the slide in stocks. we are going to ask the question, is it time to run for the hills. is the bull run over? we have full coverage as the market falls for the second straight day. worst two-day decline this year. wal-mart shares are up on earnings. but question remains, is this a company with enduring problems? we have a unique perspective from a secret shopper. a woman who visits the stores then reports back to wall street on what she is seeing. then, what does the great american ceo make these days? and even the not-so-great ceo. the numbers are coming up. we have all of the data. simon is here at the nyse. hi, simon. >> the index of fear, as some people call it, spiking higher. we are below 15, basically all year. now, it is not back at the super fear levels we had of 40 or 60
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something years ago. but it may be a very important indicator that the market is beginning to turn. bob pisani kicks off our coverage on "power lunch." bob? >> the important thing is, no energy at all. open to the down side, put up the s&p 500. recently, every time we drop, we see the bounce. not far from lows for the day. how about sectors, commodities once again leaving major sectors on the down side. this is a little change from the earlier in the day when it was more even. consumer staples, only sector in the green. commodity etfs, everything to the down side. base metal stocks, and even steel stocks, slx, to the down side about 2%. finally, this bothers me a little bit, secondary offerings in the last 24 hours. michael kors with secondary. look where it is now. trw had one at 5.25.
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generac had one, now 33 and change. freight containers, now 42.07. there is not a lot of interest in absorbing secondaries and maybe bad luck with the markets as well. >> let's bring in kenny. the big issue here is the feds. >> right. >> for a long time, a lot of us questioned how much of the rally is due to the fed. >> right. >> where are we now? >> i think a lot of rally is due to the fed. i think is good. yesterday the fed came out and they made comments, yes, considering they will talk about it. that's all great. but they are not pulling the rug out yet but immediately nervousness, not only in this country but you saw the nervousness, asia down, europe down because of the fed. fed drove it up. fed will drive it down. let me ask but oil. down about 2.5% today over the last five days down about 5%. what does that tell you?
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>> first of all, i think that market or commodities are concerned about deflation, right? not too concerned about inflation. but i also think a lot of the rhetoric from the fed is trying to actually talk some of this stuff down because of this conversation we've had, the price of oil. price of gas. price of food and they are trying to talk some of it down buzz they don't want it to spin out of control, right? it clearly feels like it is. >> on the halftime report, correcting from here, by 7%. is that what we are looking for? >> 7% takes us back to five on the air. up 7% to year on the date. when we go back to 14.90. i said yesterday, i think 14.9 on the s&p is like 2.5% off the high. i don't think we will have this -- yesterday, saying we will correct 10 .5%. >> it is one thing to say, we will start pulling back "onq" e when we hit targets. their talk yesterday is they
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would maybe start doing that before a wide range of opinions. that's more information than we've had and i think there is a reason -- >> i think to the point kenny is making, they might be balanced. what do they do when they say we will come back? >> that's going to be the problem. naturally the fear you saw right away. the fear that sparked up yesterday on the conversation, right? we all know, they can't be doing this forever. at some point, they have to pull back. it is just a matter of when. i understand the conversation yesterday. >> we need to leave it there for the moment. thank you very much. tyler, back to you. >> thank you very much. stock in the news today is wal-mart. let's look at shares. higher on the heels of a fairly descent earnings report. up almost $2 a share. bet are than 2.5%. 2.73%. the numbers there, beating expectations on the top and bottom line. and there you see however, the six-month performance of wal-mart, basically flat where as s&p retail higher by 8, almost 9%.
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the stock, is it ready to move higher or not? let's take a look and talk first to a person who is a secret shopper. mary epener, principal at retail analysis company. she goes incognito and reports to hedge fund managers and helps them make decisions. you have been in wal-mart the last few weeks. what did you see? >> well in addition, i have contemporaries that have been there. what we've seen is the wal-mart customer is impacted by the reduction in their payroll. >> how do you judge that? >> i'm sorry? >> how do you judge that? how do you assess that with your eye balls. >> is interesting. one can go into the store, i have many years, decades, of experience at the upper level. i have observations about how they have sorted their store. one walks in there and talks to customers and sees what is going on compared to the mall. and it is easy to see that
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customer is figuring out how much he or she can pay. if they had a $30 deduction in their payroll every woo two weeks, that's money that could have been spent on something other than shampoo or soap. so we are seeing in the stores that they are going to the apparel and saying, wait a second. it's cheaper here. don't buy it at sears. don't buy it at kmart. it is better here but they are definitely watching it. we are also hearing from people we monitor in the discount business. anybody with a value, it is challenged right now because they are hit with two things. reduction in payroll and gas prices. >> when you go into the stores, what are people buying in roughly the expectable quantities and where are they cutting back? is it clothing? is it electronics and so forth? >> clothing. apparel. wal-mart, you can see they do necessities first. and they do as much as they can there. again, we have to give credit to the wal-mart customer.
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they know prices here and at the competitors. they are looking at apparel for spring but again, being very careful. they want to make sure they get the best price. that's where we see wal-mart has made a big change in what they are doing in apparel. the customer likes it, but he or she has a little less money right now. >> mary, i want to go shopping with you. >> please do. >> will you inviest me some time? i want to go some time. >> fantastic. >> retail analyst, good to have you with us. >> tyler, thank you. sounds like mary has more fun than i do. >> goes to stores, pokes around, talks to people. >> wal-mart along with other discounters, ought to do relatively better when the economy is challenged, with head winds such as payroll tax cut, rising gasoline prices. then its competitors, now do you see it? >> we are seeing fewer dollars
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for everyone. it is showing up in lower income first. there are fewer shock absorbers there. less excess cash in the checking account. i think you will see it in the middle and upper income consumers coming. they just have the ability to absorb that income reduction in the near term more. i think we see a reduction in income and wal-mart's customer and immediately that translates to reduction of spending power. they may benefit down the road a little bit from trade down. but i think what we will see as this ripples across retail is the categories where people will be cutting back. >> i believe in one of my notes, and i think you said, that relatively wal-mart. relatives it pieres a wal-mart does better in a slow or challenged economy. but wal-mart, like others, does better when the economy is moving ahead, right?
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>> wal-mart would do better by far in a better wage growth. when things are tough, they do do better and benefit from that trade. >> your prying target is 75. you see it as a kind of market performer at best, right? >> i take it to market performer. earnings growth is mid digit. and we think it is a tough environment valuation is not -- >> really? i want to get a very quick answer from you on the fiscal cliff, but sequestering. i hate that word. budget cuts that could come in ten days' time. do you see that as a major problem for the retail space? >> not at all. >> no? ? >> not at all. the issue for the consumer is the payroll tax. you just have about 1.5% less income to spend. there will be some people affected by sequestering but in the magnitude of that is so
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small relative to the -- >> a marginal fact. >> 130 billion going up in payroll taxes. >> collin, thank you very much. simon? >> ty, straight for the housing recovery. a day after housing stocks plummeted. news rolls in on existing home sales, up 4% in january. diana olick has more. diana? >> home sales didn't budge in january. less than we have seen in over a decade. we are seeing, however, a shift in what is selling. homes priced under $100,000. that's foreclosures and short sales. homes of those kind dropped by nearly 6%. the 100 to $250,000 home, sales are up over 14%. and homes over 500,000, those are up over 30%.
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foreclosures reaped the levels in the midwest. levels are down since 2008 as are loans in the for closure process. now the west was the only region in the nation to see home sales fall in january. down nearly 6% from the previous month. now, inventories continue to be the story. there are just 1.74 million homes currently for sale. that is the lowest levels since december of 1999. right before y2k. represent a 4.2 month supply. realtors were begging home builders to ramp up construction. but they were also complaining that it is just too hard under new regulationes from dodd-frank for the small local home builders to get the construction loans they need. that's the national picture. but for more on local home sales. please check out our new interactive realty check map that's the recovery watch on
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realty it's a lflt fun, simon. >> what word would you use to describe the state of the home recovery? is it solid? >> is it solid? i would say a brief pause. we are seeing numbers shoot up and it is based on that supply. we want to see organic growth in sales and prices. look towards spring. >> thank you very much, diana olick, on the latest in the housing market. let's get a flash with josh. >> thank you. yamana jumping 89%. aurico, another name to watch. aurico mines and gold rising also in the session. there is a lot of buying of out of the money calls for miners yesterday. looks to him like someone is trying to get a position on the cheap. back to you guys. >> josh, just before we hit the break, let me squeeze in one
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more. another big loser. maker of credit card swipe machines, first and second quarter earnings. well the company is talking about weaker demand and both united states and our yop. ty? >> simon, thank you very much. a shootout on the las vegas strip. involving a range rover an maserati. happening at a famous intersection near bellagio, caesar's palace and balance bally's. we'll be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] every car we build must make adrenaline pump and pulses quicken. ♪ to help you not just to stay alive... but feel alive. the new c-class is no exception. it's a mercedes-benz through and through. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer
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the clock is ticking down for the deadline on massive government spending cuts. if it happens, white house continues to brief papers, we will see hundreds of thousands of layoffs. but are there other ways question save money and jobs at the same time? john harwood is our own chief washington correspondent. josh joins us working for the physical times. john, is there any other way than massive cuts? >> well if you have to cut 10 billion out of the budget per month which is what the sequester in rough terms calls for, you have to layoff some people or leave positions unfilled, that sort of thing. i think it is clearly not going to be as bad as the white house and some people would have you think.
1:19 pm
they are trying to put out the most frightening stories to get the public rallied behind this. but remember this is something that congress passed. president signed. and privately some people on both parties say, it won't be that bad. there will be some discretion on how cuts are applied and some could be postponed until later. >> josh, what is your analysis. ? >> well, it isn't brutal if you're a government worker but for the rest of the economy, it is nowhere near what would have happened, say, if we had began off the fiscal cliff. people are talking to the public but lawmakers aren't talking to each other. you also have to remember that we have additional deadlines coming in march with the expiration of continuing resolution that funds the government and the debt ceiling in may. this is just an opening round. panic will set in later on issues. >> josh, boil it down, with so much looming, what should people make of it? >> i think josh is right, what happens on march first is not
1:20 pm
the decisive event. i think the toll of these cuts and ways in which the public will notice them will build over time. so in the beginning, you will see a gradual effect and some cuts will be conspicuous or obvious. but it will increase over time. public frustration with bickering will increase over time. i think the march 27th deadline when funding would run out for the government potentially shutting down the government itself will be more of an action-focussing event than march 1st will be. >> josh, what is your guess? your best guess as a resolution? what is your best time to travel? >> one republican congressman i spoke to said get ready for trench warfare for the next year. republicans don't w57b to shut down the government. no one wants to default on the debt but that doesn't bring them closer to compromise. word is, all quiet on the western front.
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but fighting will get on at at time. a serious snowstorm hitting the midwest. we will take out to eye of that storm when we return. and a market where homes seem to be very, very affordable and taxes vr, very low. powerhouse is next. speaking of houses, this one is for sale. it's been called the savior of the gop. we will tell you who lives there and what he is asking for that house, next. why turbo? trust us. it's just better to be in front. the sonata turbo. from hyundai.
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sfls powerful winter storm slamming into arizona last evening. traffic was brought it a stand still in a state that's usually a haven for people trying to escape the cold. the golf tournament out there was interrupted. world championships of golf. snow and ice moved on to high plains and rest of the midwest. and a winter weather advisory has now been issued for chicago. if you are flying into or out of mid way or o'hare today, amongst many other western cities, look out. and speaking of midwestern cities, midwest is where we find our powerhouses this week. each week we fek us on a top 20 real estate market and talk to a real estate agent there to see what he is selling for and what they are asking. this week, to cleveland we go. michelle anderson is a real estate age went progressive urban real estate in cleveland. michelle, welcome.
1:25 pm
tell me a little bit about the cleveland market. 3600 properties sold, how brisk or slow is it these days? >> the market in cleveland is picking up. things are looking better than a few years ago. we have active buyers in the market. sellers with good property priced right. they should be very happy with this market. should find a buyer within four to six months. >> average price is about $171,000 there. why don't you take us to the first home on your list this week. and it is a bargain price, sort after starter home, in the 139 or $140,000 area. >> right. 5004 bridge avenue listed by jeremy olves. nice two bedroom, two bath home. this house was completely renovated. gutted to the studs. and everything is new. they were careful to retain some
1:26 pm
of the nicer features like crown molding and hardwood floors. >> the taxes, is that really in the city of cleveland, this house? >> this is in the city of cleveland, a great location, within walking distance it a lot of nice restaurant. so some community theater. and a newly renovate movement issy theater. >> so if you like that kind of turn of the century house in downtown area, that be one for you. now let's look at carol avenue. $339,000. tell me about this one. another older home. >> correct. our move-up home. original house built in 1854. it is a bic home. completely renovated. a wonderful floor plan. very open. some very nice features. >> oh, look at that. looks nice on the inside there. keep talking. >> a solarium in your living
1:27 pm
room. a unique feature. you can have greenery in there. a multiple-head shower. >> now there was one that was a turquoise and another one one was a oaker color. which one is this? >> the oaker color. >> oh, the turquoise, i was thinking, that's a strong color. now time for 60 basswood lane in mooreland hills. popular area. now we step it up, a shall atile home, $838 grand. >> yes. an amazing home. listed by lou barbie of remax. this home sit on gorgeous two-acre wooded setting. it is over 7,000 square feet. when you enter the home, you walk into this three-story great room with an octognal dome.
1:28 pm
sky lights bring in gorgeous light. beautiful kitchen. >> standing fire place. four car garage. >> yes wp three and a half car garage. a whole wing is the master suite. >> you can put a half car in one part of the good wrath there. your money goes a long way in cleveland. thank you very much. you won't guess whose powerhouse is up for sale. i will give you a hint. he is a thirsty republican. yes, picking up water. marco rubio want $675,000 in this home in west miami. just blocks from little havana and coral gables. he paid half million a few years ago. now the boss, bruce springsteen,
1:29 pm
may not agree with his political beliefs but the house he wrote the song in new jersey, is for sale for $350,000. google it. born to run house. and we will head west for two events this thursday after the break. first, more on the shootout on the las vegas strip involving the range rover and maserati and truck. obviously, it happened feet from the most popular casinos in vegas. and shale in the golden state? jane is live in kettleman city, california. jane? >> tyler, if they can get it out of here, it is huge in terms of taxes, jobs, gasses. wild catting is back, in a 21st century job when we come back. [ engine revving ]
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amid a sea of red gold, bertha coombs has the action, live. bertha? >> simon, after yesterday's big plunge, you could call that a fairly big victory, that it is flat on the day. all of the concerns we've heard in terms of the macro concerns, really hitting metals, china seeing that it want it clampdown
1:33 pm
on real estate speculation. the concerns about the fed easing may be ending sooner than expected. and we continue to get bad data particularly out ever europe, all of that has folks not necessarily seeking safe haven in metals. gold now down 6% year to date. ups might attract buyers, particularly in the market in india. now that the prices have come down. silver down 8% so far this month. take a lk at platinum. platinum in terms of its industrial use, used for catalytic converters. with bad economic data and concerns we may not see much demand for auto use. and copper, really the worst performer we have seen with the worst with six sessions in a rewith bad housing numbers here and tightening on real estate
1:34 pm
and china and copper not looking good. thanks. >> thank you, bertha. important levels here, bob? >> yeah. psychological level. we are really not down that much. since the close on friday, look at the s&p last three days. 1.2, 1.3% to the down side. everybody keeps asking me, how much after correction will we get? some called for 10% correction. we haven't seen that for theier. take a look at s&p 500. we have two significant corrections last year. first one in october/november when s&p dropped about 7%, there you see on the far side. right around may or june, month of may was terrible. that's about 9% correction. since then, really nothing else. haven't seen a 10% correction in quite sometime. in terms of sectors, it was pretty even. down side earlier in the day. everything down about 0.6%. again commodity groups, energies and material stocks as well as ip dust is a real are weaker. consumer staples, only group to
1:35 pm
the upside. >> interesting, nasdaq is underperformings. let's check in with seema mody with more detail on that. >> simon, whenever you have traders using this risk off approach to trading, you many times see high bet why, high growth, including tech move to down side. we did see the composite close above 3200 on tuesday. but yesterday, we did get that second day of confirmation that traders were so looking for. in terms of stock specific news, apple shares on the nasdaq, moving lower ahead of green light capitols. we do expect david einhorn to talk about apple's preferred stock strategy. look at dollar tree. dollar stores in general moving higher after wal-mart mentioned this is the best stock. groupon up here, up 3%. upgrade at piper jaffray to overweight and lastly, guys, all eyes on google.
1:36 pm
stock continues to buck the downward trend that we see in equity. stock up .4 percent. back to you. >> thank you very much, seem why. one of the fascinating things is that we have a yield of 1.96 on the ten-year. bonds are rallying as we talk about the possibility of the fed not buying any more. what is going on, rick? >> i've been talking with traders all day about the irony there. but of course, it is because the stocks seem to still be the lead note in terms of the harmony that bond market's trading to. but we don't know how long it'll last. sheer what simon is talking about. we are at 196. 201, down five basis points. open it up for a month to date chart. should we close with 196 handle where we are trading now. basically two-week low closing yield. let's switch gears to foreign exchange. the dollar index, just like superman, up, up and away.
1:37 pm
today it isn't the yen. the yen is actually doing better. today it is about the euro. now as you look at the dollar index, realize we're at the best level since august, euro currency is main factor here. euro right now is at lowest level since about 9th or 10th of january. the reason today, unlike some bond issues, makes a lot of sense. it wasn't very good data out of europe. >> thank you very much. multibillion dollar deal. linn energy want it buy berry petroleum. it is valued at 46.25 a share. this as it expands its presence in shale formations. most notably in west texas. there's how the two stocks are doing. barely up, to 45.18. linn up as well as 37.39.
1:38 pm
the state with the most recoverable crude oil in shale is, surprise, california. which of course has highest gas prices. lots of job growth and energy independence. but there is some opposition. jane wells is at a test well in kettleman city. >> tyler, this is a secret of what people are doing here. they don't want to talk about it. as best they can determine, there are 35 to 40 test wells drilling down as much as 15,000 feet, tapping into what the government says could be 15 billion barrels of crude oil trapped in shale. >> exploratory stuff is here west of mid way sunset. prs. >> auctions of mineral rights of so-called monterey shale, is heated. lot of f last year the
1:39 pm
government got $190 million in royalties. >> we get 12% drilled on blm yield. >> off top. >> off the top. >> could mean hundreds of thousands of jobs in a state with a sub or not letter high unploemt rate. huge amount of revenue into a state and local governments that are suffering right now. >> what is unemployment in kings county, do you know? >> average is about 15%. >> now john lane heads the kings county economic corporation. if the shale can be tapped safely, it could turn the economy around here. >> are they punching a lot of holes in the earth out here? >> there is an awful lot of exploration going on right now. lots of it planned. i like to have the confidence that the scientists and the regulatory agencies
1:40 pm
responsibility to protect the environment are doing a good job. >> well, the sierra club is suing the state and want a moratorium until california comes up with fracking regulation which is doesn't have right now. later on "street signs," what companies can benefit from fr this. tyler bb what i'm standing over two or three miles down is four times larger than the oil in the shale. it is huge if it can be retrieved. >> all right, jane. thank you very much. simon, down to you. >> absolutely. let's get a flash from josh lipton. >> simon, one of your biggest losers, pg and e. natural gas and environmental cost weighing in. for the new year, company looking for adjusted earnings of 2.55 to 2.75. that below what the street was looking for.
1:41 pm
charges related to the natural gas explosion in california three years ago. simon, back to you. >> thank you. if you are just joining us, welcome. coke raising dividend to 1.12 a share. if you didn't know, warren buff yet owns about 400 million shares, he just made about another $400 million. nice work, if you can get it. >> better than expected fourth quarter earnings. boosted by oil expenses and higher oil production. a day after internal dealings. mcclendon found no intentional wrongdoing. two better than expected profits helped by new shopper loyalty programs. we will take a break. after that. remember enron, american 401(k) investors making the same mistake today. putting too much of their retirement in their own
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and get 6 months commission-free trades. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 call 1-877-994-7694 tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and a trading specialist tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 will help you get started today. in 2012 they found that 184 companies with 401(k)s had at least 20% f assets invested in the company's own stock. 19 companies had 50% or more of employee assets in the company's stock. remember enron and the trouble that caused there. let's look at some of the ones that topped the list. pub liks super markets, closely held publix, has 70% of 401(401(k) assets in public shares. lowe's more than 50%. and david blanchet is head of
1:45 pm
retirement research at morningstar investment management and he has been crunching numbers. david, why do companies end up with so much of retirement assets of their employees in their own company shares. is it because they match in their own stock or what? >> i think that's one reason. when we think about why companies have stock in the first place, is to offer benefits to their employees. over time i think we've seen a positive trend with plans removing it from a lineup. but as you mention, there are plans that have employer stocks today. >> how does it get so overweighted there? remember enron and in enron's case wbt employees were skplesly encouraged to put their money in enron shares. i would be surprised if any of these companies are that dumb, but you tell me. why is it ending up there in so many percentages? >> there is a great quote, invest in what you know.
1:46 pm
a lot of people feel their company stock is safe. they have worked there for 5, 10, 15, 20 years. so they feel that odds of going under is less than the market at large. they feel it is safe, they envest in it. there are positive trends. over 5% of 401(k) plans have employer stock. employees are making better choices with 401(k) moneys. >> are there rules that govern this? >> you can onoffer employer stock. i think the biggest risk for 401(k) sponsors is the fiduciary risk. >> can you encourage your employers to buy your company stock in 401(k) and have it drop. the companies that offer it, that why we have seen more companies move away from using employer stock as an option in 401(k). >> david, what would you say would be a reasonable percentage
1:47 pm
for an individual or for a couple to have devoted in their 401(k)s to employers's stock? if you do that, not only is your living dependent on that company's success, but your retirement is dependent. what is the fair number here? >> i think the best number is zero percent. that not practical for some people. no more than 10%. if you want companies stocking your 401(k) plan, that should be majority not majority. >> 10% or less you say. >> preferably zero but 10% is the high end. >> thank you. appreciate it, david. >> unless, tyler, you work for comcast where the stock has done great recently. ahead on the program, what ceo's really extract now from compensation. exclusive in draw-dropping numbers.
1:48 pm
we asked, how is your 401(k)? 34% say very diversified. 40% somewhat diversified. 16% say not diversified. 10% say i don't know what in my 401(k). that's an good thing. oscar pistorious charged with murder. oakley suspended its contract
1:49 pm
with the south african olympian earlier in the week. meantime, the case against pistorious took a new and bizarre twist. the top detective named lead investigator replacing a veteran policeman who had gun on the case web was charged with attempted murder himself. he allegedly killed his girlfriend on valentine's day, claiming he mistook her for an includer. so what do ceos really earn? the value of compensation played to top earning company chiefs. mary, details, please. >> tyler, we are talking about realizable pay. a term you will hear more in the proxy season. cnbc has results of the advisory firm, equilar.
1:50 pm
so while it is an complete look of top paid ceos, it has what the proxy says and what the ceo might really take home. highest paid is the health care services firm. add up his reported pay and he learn earned $95 million from 910-912. realizable pay factors in increase or decrease of equity grants, stock and perfectance spaced stock. 57% more than reported pay. realizable pay is not always higher than reported pay. take oracle's larry ellison, number three on the list. double his rerealizable pay. his options are well above where they are now as stocks climb as than less than expected.
1:51 pm
usually among the top paid ceos. proxy adviser iss will be using it to assess its ceo's composition if the primary analysis raises a red flag about what the ceo is really paying. >> they are all doing pretty well, i'll tell you. midwest industrialist causes an outcry in france. when discussing its citizens work habits. and watch out. you're about to have conflict under the post office. we will talk about it when we come back. would define you as a true leader. ♪ to hold over 80,000... well that would make you... the creators of the 2013 mercedes-benz e-class... quite possibly the most advanced luxury sedan ever. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer
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for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. bob will retire when he's 153, which would be fine if bob were a vampire. but he's not. ♪ he's an architect with two kids and a mortgage. luckily, he found someone who gave him a fresh perspective on his portfolio. and with some planning and effort, hopefully bob can retire at a more appropriate age. it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade.
1:53 pm
we just lost 1500 on the s&p. we are going to have to watch
1:54 pm
these markets very closely now, ty, in the last two hours of trade. over to you. >> big drop there at nasdaq as well down better than 1%. turn to the power rundown and simon is with us along with kayla tausche. the ceo of the u.s. tire maker, titan, making industrial tires and so forth, turning done a rescue of a good year plant closed in the country. maurice taylor saying he has no interest because french workers get paid too much and they only work three hours a day. they take an hour-lunch, take another break and talk talk three hours a day. >> when we work, we work better. it may be about to go into a tail spin. could be a major story in 2013. >> could become another sick man
1:55 pm
in europe, kayla. >> i don't understand, why, if he is worried about saving french jobs, french industry minister, why he didn't go to michelin. here, maurice taylor says i will drive michelin out of business. i want michelin if i'm going to the government. >> a clothing line called rain, heat and snow. so kayla, a jacket for you for chance? >> i'm thinking probably no. if this is an attempt tocate toert younger class to make the post office relevant again, ininstead of doing something like releasing a clothing line, invest in technology to send packages for efficiently. that's what i don't understand. >> i think you are being a bit harsh there, kay la. i think working men and women blue collar. only thing i would say is under
1:56 pm
armour is more likely to succeed about that. >> i think hipsters would definitely buy it. >> maybe. if you live under the williamsburg bridge, maybe. the tech titan launching this video of how users could potentially see the world wearing the google glasses. they are not on sale yet but go go g gool /* /- goolg el wants -- google wants testers. would you wear these? >> well, with flares and beats by dr. dre, who knew. >> kayla, google glasses for your future? >> well, full disclosure, i plan on applying. why not? this is marketing seenus. google did this with the chrome laptop too. they say, a hundred people apply
1:57 pm
and we will let you pay for these. you have to have 1500. >> i got pro grievive lenses the other day. >> they have wikipedia built in, simon? >> oh, it is all there. >> simon has a good looking pair of glasses, by the way. thanks, folks, i appreciate you being with us. see you next time. >> this is not a movie set. most popular part of the las vegas strip turned into a war zone this morning. we will hit the strip to tell you all about it when we return. i have low testosterone. there, i said it.
1:58 pm
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